Triumph Speedmaster Review

I hope you enjoy this article about my favorite motor cycle and that you enjoy this Triumph Speedmaster review. I passed my motor bike test in July this year at the age of 43. It was something I had intended to do for some time but had continually put it off. In the United Kingdom there was an impending change in the law which would take place in February which would make the practical driving test more difficult. I therefore decided that I had better get a move on and finally get it completed. To cut a long story short, I eventually passed the test in July this year 2011 which was a great relief. Just as a side note on my first test I fell off the bike during the manoeuvres section and had to repeat the test which was a tad embarrassing.

I liked the Speedmaster and originally intended to buy a second-hand one. After checking out a few, I found that they held their price really well and a 2-year-old one was only £1500 less than a brand new one. When I drove the old and new model together there was no comparison. The new Speedmaster was a totally different machine. It is a bit shorter, but in my opinion comes with a better sitting position. However the main difference that I found and liked the most was in the handling. The old Speedmaster is terrible for cornering, it felt heavy and unsafe and was not a pleasant riding experience. The new bike, however, not only looks better with nicer bars and rear guard, but the handling is much improved. It feels safer on the road and is very easy to ride which is extremely important for me as a fairly inexperienced biker

The older model that I tested belonged to one of my friends, so I let him have a quick run on my new model Speedmaster. He could not believe the difference and has decided since then that his bike’s handling is nowhere near up to the standard he would like and as such, he is going to change. As a Triumph man, he has tested both the Storm and the Rocket.

Although the Rocket is the ultimate machine with its 2.3 litre engine, it is very heavy and cumbersome at slow speeds. It’s also very difficult to move about when stopped. That being said, it is still an awesome machine. In the end he decided to go for the Thunderbird Storm and it is now on order from the dealer. With a 1.7 litre engine it still has amazing power but feels great on the road. Well, that is according to him and I will have to wait until he gets it before I can give it a full test drive.

I will let you know once I get out on it and I will bring you a full analysis on how it performs along with its benefits and shortcomings. That is likely to be in the spring time as I won’t be out on the bike over the winter. The salt on the roads causes untold damage to bikes and is very hard to get rinsed off.

I hope you have enjoyed my first review on the Triumph Speedmaster and I will post regular articles when I get some more on the road experience and an overall better feel for the bike.

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