Motorcycle Manufacturers

Are you thinking about purchasing a new bike and don’t know where to begin? There are lots of different choices available to consumers on the market. Manufacturers from all over the world compete in the motorcycle market for you to purchase their bike. What sets each of these designers apart? Is one better than the other? In this article we will showcase just a few of the different manufacturers. With this article you will have a better understanding of what you can expect from each company when you but your bike. Hopefully, this will help make your decision a little bit easier.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable names in the United States is Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson has transformed itself to be more than just a brand. In fact they pride themselves with being a culture within the motorcycle world. The premise for the company was formed in 1903 by William Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson. The line offers different styles for riders ranging from Sportsters to V-Rods. Owners of Harley bikes can expect to own a piece of American pride and adopt a new life culture.

Founded in 1946, Honda was formed by Sorichiro Honda. Currently, this motorcycle giant is the largest manufacturer in the world. They are based in Tokyo, Japan and began to gain popularity in 1958. Honda doesn’t only focus on being cutting edge in the motorcycle world. They offer many different styles of wheels. They also manufacture ATVS, motocross bikes, and even scooters. To say that they are continuously an innovator in the motorcycle world is an understatement. Do you like to race? Take note from Sorichiro Honda himself who was an avid racer, the Honda is for you.

Also known for their luxury cars, BMW is a staple in the motorcycle world as well. Bavarian Motor Works was formed in 1916. During this time they focused on trucks and aircraft for the war. After the war they were able to manufacture the motorcycle. The R32 was the company’s first motorcycle and it was designed by Max Friz. His early designed can be compared to Beemers, featuring a shaftdrive and Boxer power plant.

Another giant country that undertakes producing motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes and other models is Kawasaki. Starting later than most of the other companies on this list, Kawasaki didn’t start in the motorcycle world till 1960. The B8 was their first designed and has since become the motocross bike B8M. Kawasaki also branched into the water world and produces Jet Skis for those that love the water sports. They currently produce one of the world’s fastest bikes, the ZX-10R.

There are many companies on this list but it does not even begin to break into all of the manufacturers that you as a consumer will have to choose from. It will be important to do your research and find a company that suits your personality style. After you decide on that you will be well on your way to owning the bike of your dreams. Just make sure you take care of your bike. After you purchase your bike find the best motorcycle insurance quotes to make sure you always protect your investment.

The Razor Mx350 Comes Highly Recommended

Looking for that perfect gift for the little guy or girl in your life, look no further than the Razor MX350. This little motocross bike will have the little ones smiling from ear to ear. Just think of the peace of mind you will have knowing this dirt bike needs no gasoline or oil to run. Charge up the battery and let them go. With one simple charge, they can ride up to ten miles in comfort.

What is the one thing that worries parents more than anything else when it comes to their child? Speed! Speed scares more parents when it comes to motor vehicles and their kids no matter what age they are. With this convenient sized Razor motor bike. You won’t need to worry about excess speeds. The compact size motor only goes approximately 14 miles per hour. But don’t let that discourage the kids. This 14 mile an hour mini bike out runs other similar pocket dirt bikes.

This bikes comes stock with duel suspension, twelve inch knobby wheels and high riser handle bars that make this little bike as comfortable to ride as it is easy for the kids to handle. The kids can ride the Razor in the field, in the dirt or on the sidewalk.

Kids of all ages love dirt bikes. Just the thrill of riding something without peddling brings out the excitement in your child. What better way to find out if your child has the coordination, determination and dedication to jump into dirt bike riding as a hobby than to give them the experience on the Razor MX350.

These little bikes are easy to put together, safe to ride, well built for the tough rider and provides hours of fun. With the long battery life and the durability, kids are finding many ways to stay occupied with their new bike. Set up a small ramp and watch the kids do little stunts that are low enough to the ground, yet creates a fun and exciting obstacle course. You can create hours of entertainment for the kids and if you have more than one child, the price is really attractive as well considering the gas motor bikes can run a small fortune.

Buying Good Quality Ducati Superbike Accessories

Thanks to its innovative engineering solutions, exclusive components and cutting edge electronics, the Ducati Superbike is the ultimate race bike. Those who crave speed and love a thrill fall in love with this motorcycle every time they ride one.

Such a fine piece of machinery deserves only the best, so when purchasing Ducati Superbike accessories make sure that you are only buying products from a reputable brand that you can trust. Purchasing high quality products from the starts saves time, money and hassle and is very unlikely to cause any damage.

One of the first and most obvious choices when it comes to a reliable, well-known brand is Ducati. Officially named as one of the UK’s top 20 coolest brands, Ducati has become a household name as it has continued to establish itself in the motorcycle industry. Consistently referred to as one of the most prestigious brands in the world, it is also renowned for its high quality design, beauty and racing heritage.

When choosing Ducati Superbike accessories, SpeedyMoto is another brand name to look out for. The company manufactures exceptionally well-designed after-market components for Ducati motorcycles. Thanks to their focus on damage control and ergonomic enhancement, SpeedyMoto has earned themselves an international reputation for developing intelligently designed, quality products.

Racing enthusiasts will be all too familiar with the name OHLINS. As the world’s leading Swedish brand, which is synonymous with motorcycling race success, it has become a name that many customers have come to rely on over the years. Well known as a manufacturer of high performance suspension systems and other types of motorcycle components, buyers know that they’re getting what they pay for when they purchase goods from OHLINS.

Having won a number of Best Brand awards in 2010, Akrapovic has quickly become a favourite amongst cyclists when purchasing Ducati Superbike accessories. Founded in 1990, the company has gone from strength to strength and their systems have now been used in 38 world championships across motorsport.

There is a massive range of genuine Ducati Superbike accessories on the Internet including brake discs, cylinders, exhaust systems, footpegs, throttle kits and performance chains. Look for good quality products which have been made by only the finest brands such as SpeedyMoto, OHLINS, Akrapovic, Ducati, Brembo and Hi-Efficiency because names like this mean you can guarantee you are getting good quality products that will help improve the performace of your bike without causing any damage to it.

Triumph Speedmaster Review

I hope you enjoy this article about my favorite motor cycle and that you enjoy this Triumph Speedmaster review. I passed my motor bike test in July this year at the age of 43. It was something I had intended to do for some time but had continually put it off. In the United Kingdom there was an impending change in the law which would take place in February which would make the practical driving test more difficult. I therefore decided that I had better get a move on and finally get it completed. To cut a long story short, I eventually passed the test in July this year 2011 which was a great relief. Just as a side note on my first test I fell off the bike during the manoeuvres section and had to repeat the test which was a tad embarrassing.

I liked the Speedmaster and originally intended to buy a second-hand one. After checking out a few, I found that they held their price really well and a 2-year-old one was only £1500 less than a brand new one. When I drove the old and new model together there was no comparison. The new Speedmaster was a totally different machine. It is a bit shorter, but in my opinion comes with a better sitting position. However the main difference that I found and liked the most was in the handling. The old Speedmaster is terrible for cornering, it felt heavy and unsafe and was not a pleasant riding experience. The new bike, however, not only looks better with nicer bars and rear guard, but the handling is much improved. It feels safer on the road and is very easy to ride which is extremely important for me as a fairly inexperienced biker

The older model that I tested belonged to one of my friends, so I let him have a quick run on my new model Speedmaster. He could not believe the difference and has decided since then that his bike’s handling is nowhere near up to the standard he would like and as such, he is going to change. As a Triumph man, he has tested both the Storm and the Rocket.

Although the Rocket is the ultimate machine with its 2.3 litre engine, it is very heavy and cumbersome at slow speeds. It’s also very difficult to move about when stopped. That being said, it is still an awesome machine. In the end he decided to go for the Thunderbird Storm and it is now on order from the dealer. With a 1.7 litre engine it still has amazing power but feels great on the road. Well, that is according to him and I will have to wait until he gets it before I can give it a full test drive.

I will let you know once I get out on it and I will bring you a full analysis on how it performs along with its benefits and shortcomings. That is likely to be in the spring time as I won’t be out on the bike over the winter. The salt on the roads causes untold damage to bikes and is very hard to get rinsed off.

I hope you have enjoyed my first review on the Triumph Speedmaster and I will post regular articles when I get some more on the road experience and an overall better feel for the bike.

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Top Motorcycle Events for 2012

Christmas is over and if you were lucky enough to find Dainese jackets waiting for you under the tree, you may be keen to show them off at some of this year’s top motorcycling events. Luckily, you’ll have plenty of opportunity as there are so many to choose from.

Indeed, it can be as tough selecting which event on the biking calendar you will go to as it is choosing just one garment to buy at a Dainese sale. However, there are a few that we think stand out from the crowd and are worthy of your attention.

Read on to find out more.

MCN Motorcycle Show

Luckily, you won’t have to wait long for one of the top events of the season to roll round. The Carol Nash MCN Motorcycle Show takes place from February 2nd to 5th, so you may wish to get your skates on if you plan to book tickets.

Held at the ExCel in London, this event is vast and there is so much to see so you can count on being kept busy.

To begin with, you are sure to want to browse the huge collection of new motorbikes on display, which have been produced by some of the world’s top manufacturers. Whatever bike you prefer to ride, you are certain to find the latest version here.

It doesn’t end there either – you can also learn which motor takes home the title of Classic Bike of the Year and even vote for your favourite from the ten finalists.

British Superbike Championship

This is among the most thrilling events on the motorsport calendar, and if you love nothing more than riding your own bike full throttle, you will certainly want to come here.

Round one of the event kicks off between April 6th and 9th at Brands Hatch in Europe, which is rapidly becoming one of the most popular circuits in Kent. You’ll be able to watch as the elite teams whizz round, battling it out to be victors.

There are 12 rounds in total with the final one – scheduled for October 12th to 14th – also set to be held at Brands Hatch. However, you may prefer to go to the penultimate leg, which will take place at iconic Silverstone between September 28th and 30th.


If watching racing at Silverstone has long been a dream of yours, there is no better way to do it than at the MotoGP British Grand Prix. This is arguably the most prestigious motorcycle racing event to take place, so you should certainly consider going.

However, should watching your heroes race around the track holds little appeal for your friends and family, there is still so much that will keep them entertained.

You could even take your little ones, who will love the exciting air displays, which were last year performed by the Red Devils of the Parachute Regiment Freefall Team. There are also some terrific stunt shows to take in.

Bulldog Bash

The Bulldog Bash is one of the longest-running biking events in the country and, although no 2012 date has yet been announced, it is typically held in Warwickshire on the second weekend of August.

This is the ultimate mix of biking and live music, with the likes of Status Quo, The Damned and Bad Manners featuring on the 2011 line-up.

In addition, you can watch racing on the drag strip and camp out to make a weekend of it.

The Harley-Davidson Crossbones – A Look Back To The Beginning

The 2008 model had the look of a Springer front end and other post-war era bobber styling cues like a sprung solo seat, half-round rider footboards, Gloss Black round air cleaner cover and chopped front fender. The Harley-Davidson Crossbones toured the highways with a Black and Polished Twin Cam 96B powertrain, 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission and truly unique Softail suspension.

At the time, it was the latest of several Harley-Davidson Dark Customs, Cross Bones melds stripped and chopped custom creativity with rough and raw finishes. Soul mates of the Harley-Davidson Crossbones included the Nightster, Night Train, Night Rod Special and Street Bob.

As each Harley-Davidson Softail motorcycle declared its styling independence with exclusive components and inspired craftsmanship, the Harley-Davidson Crossbones was a bold addition to an already free-spirited family. Many features of the Cross Bones and other Softails are reminiscent of restless riders of the past, whose defiant attitude resonates with those who march to their own beat in any generation.

The Softail name originated from its rear suspension design, with a swingarm section that honors the lines of a vintage rigid frame, while delivering a smooth, comfortable ride. Hidden horizontal coil-over rear shock absorbers were strategically mounted out-of-sight below the powertrain. The counter-balanced Twin Cam 96B powertrain is rigid-mounted in the Softail frame to give the rider a core connection to the motorcycle. Harley-Davidson Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) is standard on all Softail models, as is the 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission with its accommodating clutch lever effort.

The 2008 Harley-Davidson Crossbones took to the road with a rebellious expression accentuated by a Gloss Black painted Springer front end with chrome springs, black bucket headlamp and black mini ape-hanger style handlebar. While the chopped front fender exposes more of the front wheel, a Bobtail fender does the same for the wide 200 mm rear tire. Tires with matching treads ride on Steel Laced wheels with Gloss Black painted rims.

The 2008 Harley-Davidson Crossbones features:

Rigid-mount, 1584 cc Twin Cam 96B balanced engine
6-speed Cruise Drive transmission
Black powder-coated engine with polished rocker box covers and pushrods and untreated fins
Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Gloss Black painted Springer front end with chrome springs
Gloss Black mini ape-hanger handlebar
Straight shot exhaust with chrome slash-cut mufflers
Adjustable sprung solo seat with leather lacing
26.6-inch seat height
Chopped front fender with striping
Bobtail rear fender with striping
Gloss Black cat-eye tank console with new speedometer face
Gloss Black round air cleaner cover, oil tank and rear fender supports
Distinctive five-gallon fuel tank with hand-laced leather tank panel and striping
200 mm rear tire
Laced Steel front and rear wheels with Gloss Black painted rims
Half-round old-school foot boards
Horseshoe oil tank with Harley-Davidson patent badge
Optional Smart Security System

The Harley-Davidson Crossbones legacy?

The Crossbones was a fan favorite but Harley-Davidson obviously felt that it’s life had run it’s course. There are plenty of used models on the road and that does raise some questions. Will this turn into a collectors items some day or will it be considered another run of the mill experiment? Either way, the Harley-Davidson Crossbones is a bike that will continue to turn some heads when it comes down the road.

Motorcycle Racing Is Part Of Harley Davidson History

Motorcycle racing has been a huge part of Harley Davidson, almost from the beginning of the company. In fact the very first appearance of a motorcycle created by William Harley and the Davidson brothers, Arthur, Walter, and William, was in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin motorcycle race.

The Harley Davidson Company started in 1903, but didn’t create an “official” motorcycle racing department until 1914. That didn’t stop co-founder Walter Davidson from being victorious in the Federation of American Motorcyclist endurance race, in 1908, while riding a stock single cylinder machine. There were 65 competitors, during this grueling 2-day event, weaving their way through 365 miles of brutal dirt roads in the Catskill Mountains. The only perfect score in the competition went to Mr. Davidson.

By the year 1912, Harley Davidson had made speed a part of their motorcycle racing equation by setting a new record at the Bakersfield Road Race. H-D racers made a name for themselves on both wooden plank tracks and muddy dirt road courses, despite the interruption of World War I. In 1921, H-D shattered speed records, becoming the first motorcycles to reach speeds of 100 miles per hour during a race. Harley Davidson racers were known as “the Wrecking Crew”, because of this success.

Harley Davidson’s notoriety continued, when one of their motorcycles with a sidecar won the first annual Pike’s Peak race, in 1916, and another Harley Davidson claimed first place in 1922 at the Adelaide to Melbourne South Australia race. Motorcycle Racing Dominated By Joe Petrali And Harley Davidson! Joe Petrali was arguably the best motorcycle racer of the early Twentieth Century. For six years between 1931 and 1936, Petrali dominated in the National points rankings five times. In 1935, Petrali went undefeated in all 13 races on the 13-stop National motorcycle racing schedule. Petrali’s amazing performance didn’t stop there! In 1937, while riding a 1937 Model E, 61 cubic inch, V-Twin Streamliner, he reached speeds of 136.183 miles per hour, at Daytona Beach and set a new world speed record. That’s not all! Petrali won the National Hill Climb Championship, not once, not twice, but 8 years in a row beginning in 1929. What a maniac!

Motorcycle racing stopped for the Harley Davidson team and others when World War II began. When the war was over, Petrali did not return to the circuit, but H-D continued to rule the motorcycle racing scene.

When it comes to the drag strip, Harley Davidson looks towards their motorcycle racing crown jewel, the VRSXE Screamin’ Eagle V-Rod Destroyer. This bike will get you down the quarter mile in under 10 seconds, but unfortunately it’s not street legal and sees limited production. Motorcycle Racing And The Buell Motor Company The Buell Motor Company was a subsidiary of Harley Davidson and also produced bikes for motorcycle racing. Buell motorcycles were available at select Harley dealers. Buell racing teams were a force to be reckoned with and claimed top spots in many racing events. This success was because of the founder of the company, Eric Buell. Buell was not only a motorcycle racer himself, but worked as an engineer for Harley Davidson before forming his own company.

Unfortunately, on October 30, 2009, the Buell Motorcycle Company closed its doors after an incredible 26-year run. Harley Davidson said it would discontinue the Buell product line to focus on the Harley Davidson brand. The last Buell motorcycle rolled off the production line on October 30, bringing the number manufactured to 136,923.

Shortly after in November of 2009, Buell and Harley Davidson announced they would launch Erik Buell Racing, an independent company run by Erik Buell and it will produce race-only versions of the 1125R model.

Today, the tradition of great Harley Davidson motorcycle racing continues both on the drag strip and on the flat track. The AMA or American Motorcycle Association manages the majority of the national Superbike Championship, AMA Motocross Championship, and AMA Flatrack Championship, championship races, in the United States. These include the AMA Supercross Series, AMA Superbike Championship, AMA Motorcross Championship, and AMA Flatrack Championship.

It’s no secret that Paul loves motorcycles! He has been riding motorcycles almost as long as he has been able to walk and has been wrenching on motorcycles [] his entire life. Paul grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere and has done his fair share of motorcycle racing on the back roads of Ontario, Canada.

Why a New Rider Should Not Take a 600cc Sportbike to the Track for the First Time

Many new riders decide to buy “low powered” 600ccs thinking they are as user friendly as a 250cc sportbike as their first bike. It’s a great excuse for a new rider to get the better looking and more powerful 600cc. So why not?

Many of these new riders try to be safety conscious. Even though they decide to do their spirited riding at a track, they don’t realize that they have bought a bike that may be a little too powerful for them to learn the basics on. You’re at the track riding fast down a straight away and slow down to enter a turn. All of a sudden, you hit a small bump, or rock not visible to you and you upset the balance and it causes you to twitch your right and a bit. Before you know it, you’re flying off your bike. Reasons for things like this happening are friends at the track with you that are more experienced. Everyone want’s to keep up, and its difficult to learn at your own pace when you have a bike that can do SO much more than what you know. Riding a 600 as a beginner takes a lot of discipline.

Till this day, I still recommend the Kawasaki Ninja 250 to new riders. And when I recommend that bike, I’m not referring to the new one either. The newer 250 is far more expensive, and while it looks nice, your heart will be broken when you drop that for the first time. Buy an older 250 that can be passed from newbie to newbie. It still has great resale value, and doesn’t cost much to keep when you buy your new bike.

The second thing is, new riders are less likely to buy nice gear which is a mistake most riders including myself make. Of course, not all the blame can be on the rider; gear is expensive! Most riders spent most of their money on their bike, and although they have money left over for gear, it’s not enough for quality gear. Remember, you get what you pay for. Those $30 jackets and $40 helmets aren’t going to do much to protect you unless you’re riding a bicycle. often times, they are not DOT/SNELL certified. Stick to brand names and stay away from gear that doesn’t have any certifications. Also, make sure you ask someone at the store to make sure you get the right fit. Gear that doesn’t fit is almost as no gear. I wear a full face helmet I use on my sport bikes for my Touring bike. Who cares if I don’t look as cool as the guy next to me. At least if I call, I’m going to be protected.